M Thermo Panel X
the single component, rainscreen concept & continuous insulation

M Thermo Panel X is delivered with an R value 6 – R13 or R 19  and has the look and feel of a super smooth and natural rainscreen concept with the advantage of single point installation and excellent thermal performance. The concept meets or exceeds criteria, such as thermal, acoustic and durability performance, offers a sustainable rated solution and, most importantly of all, provides life and property fire safety protection for your family or your employees.

The M Thermo Panel X is a highly streamlined, sleek, flexible cladding and continuous insulated panel system; the perfect solution if you are looking to achieve a minimalist façade on modern Homes and buildings with large flat surface areas or even being used as underlayment for one layer Stucco solution.


M Thermo Panel X panels consist of a Fiber cement face, positioned on the exterior side of a core that is a fiber–free rigid Polyiso/Xps insulation core, which is firmly bonded under high pressure to the Fiber cement facing to the exterior – The Fiber cement facing materials are certified Non Combustible according ASTM 136 and tested and complying with ICC AC 90.

M Thermo Panel X System Performance

  • Design flexibility, the standard panel can locally be cut to any size and design
  • Wide range of colors options, through core fiber cement in flat Solid and Natural soil colors
  • ICC AC 90 certified Fiber Cement (ISL report 1116)
  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • Lightweight and fast installation
  • High thermal performance as continuous insulation
  • Can be used as underlayment for Stucco – Vinyl – Latex paint or any other cladding options

Fig 1. Invisible Fasteners Installation with the UP profile, the Fiber Cement panel is factory bonded to the rigid insulation core

Fig 4:  One Scenario for layout of the recess joints

Measurement of the standard panels (Polyiso insulation core):

  • R 6 – 2’x 8’ x 1,22” – 6.6 lbs/sqft
  • R 13 – 2’x 8’ x 2.32 “ – 7 lbs/sqft
  • R 19 – 2’x 8‘ x 3.11” – 7.7 lbs/sqft

The M Thermo Panel X recess 3/8” at one of the horizontal and the vertical joints and can as an option work with or without the insertion of a mat black anodized aluminum UP Profile between the panels, creating a unique 3D effect see fig 1 and 4.

Save Installation Time and reduce Quality Issues

Multi-component rainscreen concept  vs Single-component concept. The M Thermo Panel X as a single component allows for up to estimated 50% faster installation time. M Thermo Panel X are lightweight, easier to handle and can be installed in all weather conditions. The single component nature reduces the need for multiple trades on site and the associated workmanship quality issues.

The M Thermo Panel X concept ensure airtightness and weather tightness over the lifecycle of the building. The M Thermo Panel X insulation cores provide superior thermal performance with tested U-values. Most importantly, the insulation is on the exterior of the building structure to provide the best possible thermal envelope by reducing thermal bridging typical of cavity wall systems. In addition, the panels feature excellent insulation core-to-core contact, which provides an unbroken thermal rainscreen concept.