Fiber cement antiwater


C Steel


Fiber cement antiwater – PIR – C Steel

Installation – Design:

  • Must follow, the M-Sips Installation manual
  • Must follow the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association, ICC ES report ESR 3064P

Fire-resistance Assemblies:

  • To be determined 1st quarter 2020 in with ASTM-E119accordance
  • Polyiso insulation, Class A fire rated in accordance with ASTM E 84
  • M4 sheathing is Non Combustibel according ASTM E 136

The building code definition of an approved thermal barrier is one which is equal in fire resistance to 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) gypsum board. All building codes require an approved thermal barrier on the habitable side of a structure between the interior of the structure and the polyurethane foam.

M-SIPs Roof Panel  – Specifications (Insulation type Polyiso)  

  • R24 – 4.80” x 45” x 18’
  • R38 – 6.81” x 45” x 18’
  • R48 – 8.54” x 45” x 18’

Panel length: on request up to 39’


If extended R value is demanded the M-Thermo Panel can be applied as continuous insulation, range:  R6 – R19.