M-Solar Roof
hidden mounting system (BIPV) with R13 (U Value 0.44) Insulation

Eliminates 2-4 layers of labor mounting cost

M-Solar Roof is a specially designed Non Structural roof panel for PV (Photovoltaic) module mounting as BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic) without additional visible rails structure on the Rooftop.


M-Solar Roof panel. PV panels and two layers of specially profiled metal sheet, pre-painted galvanized steel and injected with Class A (B1-s1,d0) fire rated Polyiso (PIR) foam.

  • High Performance 405 Wp Bifacial PERC Monocrystalline Module  (Alternative 375 Wp Mono – 72 cell)
  • Global. Tier 1 bankable brand – 30 years Linear Power Warranty with only 0.5% degradation /year.
  • 20.6% Maximum Efficiency – 144 Cell – Maximum System Voltage 1500 VDC-
  • Dimensions 2034 x 1000 x 30 mm  
  • The Bifacial cell result in additional 10%-30% yield gain from rear side
  • Low current density technology to decrease the internal power consumption effectively
  • MBB and HC technology to reduce the negative affection to yield caused by Micro crack and shadow


  • Non-roof penetrating PV mounting solution (optimized for 405WP Bifacial PERC or 375 Wp 72 cells modules)
  • Nice design – hidden fixing bolt design
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Leakage proof (25 years Warranty)
  • Eliminates thermal bridging – R13 (U Value 0.44) insulation
  • High structural performance for wind loads


M-Solar Roof can be applied directly as a new roof or as new roof on any old structural roof construction and can further be used for:

  • Apply directly “Green Grass” roof solution on top
  • Apply directly Asphalt (Triangle concept) or Tile roof solution on top  
  • Use as finished Flat Roof solution – slope > 1%


Rooftop Concept

Flat Roof Concept

Rooftop 3D View

Mounting Accessories Rooftop

Additional Accessories for flat roof installation (12 to 15 degrees tilt)

M-SIPs is one of the market leaders of sustainable BIPV construction technologies for Renewable Energy which keeps the aesthetics and functionality of the building without any damage from installing PV modules on roof top. We are devoted to provides new smart concepts for Zero Energy Housing done clever.

Length Standard
8 - 39’ (2440 – 12000 mm)
Width Standard
39” (1.000mm)
Thickness standard
2” (50mm)
Tolerance Thickness
ASTM C 1185
+/- 1-2 %
Tolerance Length
ASTM C 1185
+/- 1 -2 %
Tolerance Width
ASTM C 1185
+/- 1 -2 %
3.9lbs/sqft/18 kg/m2
Polyiso (PIR)
ASTM C 1185
40 – 50 kg/m3
Fire class material
ASTM E 84 Flame/Smoke
EN 13501:2
Mold Resistance
ASTM D 3273 (scale 1–10 and 10 best)
Insulation Value
R13 (U value 0.44)
Surface material
Steel Plate
Pre-painted galvanized steel
Gauge 24 (0.5mm)
Leakage proof >1 % (no roof joint)
25 years